Posted on Dec 23, 2020

Khalilah Johnson International Motivational Keynote Speaker

It might be time to implement a new workout routine.

First step to change is recognizing what no longer works.

Second is setting measurable goals.

Then action.

It doesn’t t have to be perfect or done all at once.

Small steps taken consistently makes a big difference.

And don’t forget...celebrate every win!

Don’t try and change everything on Jan. 1st. and end up being disappointed with yourself.

Taking one simple action today that you didn’t take yesterday can do alot to increase momentum.

A walk , meditate for 5 min. , drink enough water for the day.

You will be surprised how much confidence is gained and transformation happens, when you accomplish small set goals.

Compete with no one but yourself , only you know your starting point and only you can determine how far you go.

Building capacity is a personal journey and it all begins with a choice to begin.

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