Posted on Jan 31, 2021

Khalilah Johnson International Motivational Keynote Speaker

I love this quote from Leadership First.

And It’s why I am so passionate about people becoming trauma informed before becoming trauma support, even if you’re a trauma survivor.

No you don’t have to have a PHD or even a degree to be effective but you do have to be able to give from a place that is healed and skilled.

I so often hear statements like, if I went through this much you should easily be able to handle what you’re going through.

This automatically sends me into protective mode.

Because I know the dangerous side of wounded healers. Their authentic desire to help from their survival instincts alone only perpetuates a cycle of more dysfunction because their worldview was developed from trauma.

Yes , your pain is now purpose and your mess is a message... but only after you have gone through a process of learning, growing will you be ready to teach.

Heal , Deal , then Reveal!

This is the fruit of ❤️


Transformation is INTENTIONAL

Change Requires Commitment &

You are your greatest investment!

Live , Love and Prosper-in Health!

‘Your Undefeated Life Coach’

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