Posted on Oct 15, 2020

Khalilah Johnson International Motivational Keynote Speaker

When I arrived at the airport in San Antonio I found that my second luggage was sent to Dallas...the bag carrying all of my clothing.

I didn't budge I knew it was confirmation of what was going to be shifted , broken and healed the next day.

If you really know me you know the passion I have for breaking yokes and seeing people become their greater selves.

It is my privilege to use the authority God has given me to call people into their divine identities.

The warfare that comes is great but God is greater.

Ain't nobody scared but the enemy.

Some people thought I was just the Keynote Speaker...but God called me to be a Key.

I don't do it for the applause ... I do it for the breakthrough and God honors the desires of my heart Everytime!

The devil gets no glory from me.

I looked cute in my target outfit and my children's children are blessed and will receive the full inheritance of my obedience and sacrifice.

I don't prepare speeches. I release breakthrough!

Over this week I heard short phrases and I wrote it down.

But three days before God kept giving me these words.

Uncertainty, Unwavering, Uncovered , Undone , Unraveled, Undefeatable!

When I tried to expound on them He said listen the room then open your mouth and I will fill it!

The fruit speaks in the deliverance tears that flowed in the room and the heartfelt stories shared after.

Jesus did it again !!

“He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me . Isa. 49:2
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