Posted on Oct 14, 2020

Khalilah Johnson International Motivational Keynote Speaker

When they ask my why


I once felt like parts of me were being suffocated. I needed an environment which would help me uncover my full potential.

That's when I discovered Khalilah J..

Since then my life has never been the same. After reading her book, Undefeated. I was able to identify the lies I once believed. I discovered how cycles of generational torment can keep us in mental and emotional bondage.

I couldn't put the book down as I saw myself being transformed as I turned the pages.

I started following her on fb. Her messages and content are transformational +empower you to break free.

They penetrate to the core of you giving you space to process your thoughts, react appropriately +embrace a greater version of yourself. I love the new me, passionately.

After enrolling into her mentorship group+personal coaching I felt like family because of the genuine care she demonstrated as I progress.

One of our sessions as trauma was leaving my body she was on the other end of the phone coaching + praying me through.

She challenged me to change my negative self view, discover my purpose, freely walk in my identity + embrace the fact I'm powerful.

She helped me discover my mission. I'm a product of her obedience to God.

I would recommend her to anyone.
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